The Yummy Facts

FOOD. How many times does food cross your mind? Food is often the answer to boredom, to comfort, to socalising. In fact food seems to be such a big part of life, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, you are what you eat…

So it doesn’t come as a suprise that the SCIENCE behind food and its effects are so widely studied. If there was something horrendous hiding in our Maccies (or rather Nandos… mmm) we would want to know about it!

Therefore I present to you (drum roll please)… The Yummy Facts!! My mind often wonders into the realms of food and my stomach, so if something particularly interests me I’ll find out more. This has led to the production of a number of articles, all posted on this magnificent blog. Think of it as an outlet for those little things that make you run to the Google search engine.

N.B. Occasionally my mind isn’t focussed on food (rarely) so some articles focus on Other things, and can be found under the “Other” Tag.

If you’ve ever wondered something, it’s likely I’ve wondered it too.

Food (because I hadn’t said it in a while.)


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